Top-7 New Year Anime Shows To Bring You Christmas Mood

Otto Buchenvald  

Christmas and New Year are two festivals that are celebrated all over the world. All country in the world celebrates these festivals with great enthusiasm and excitement. Children believe that all their wishes will come true when they share them with Santa. So everyone arranges get-togethers at their houses to call their near and dear to celebrate Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve together.

It is the best time to watch the 9anime, is when the entire family is together. You will find different anime that will make your festivals more joyful and excited. There are many dramas that you must watch on New Year’s Eve. Below mention are some of them:


It is a short series having 12 episodes and 2 OVA’s. It is the best anime if you are looking for one to watch in the New Year. In the eight episodes of the anime, you will see the sunrise of the New Year. It is a school-based series that continuously revolved around Christmas and New Year.

Hayate, the combat butler

It is some love-hate series between two characters. The two main characters of the series are the Hayate, the male character, and the Nagi female character. Both the character is dating each other. The female lead orders the male lead to take him to the beach before this New Year. It is a very long series. Suppose you search for a series that starts from Christmas and ends on New Year’s Eve. Then you can go with this one.

Himouto! Umaru Chan

From its name, it might give you the feeling that it is for kids, but no one can watch this series. This anime is based on two sisters Umaru and Takeshi. In the eight-episode, the sisters are seen celebrating Christmas and New Year. For more knowledge about this anime you can visit

Kimi Ni Todoke

It is a romantic story that is having its ending in the New Year. It is a cute 9anime, and each episode is linked with the previous one. However, the series get a bit emotional in the end. For watching the New Year episode, you have to watch the first season with 25 episodes.


The animation of the Glasslip anime is indeed beautiful. In total, there are 13 episodes. All the episodes are interconnected with each other. However, you will feel that the 9anime is more for the adult and the older kids.

Junjou Romantica

However, you will not get to see any of the festivals in this series. But the snowfall and the emotional feel among the character will give you the same vibe. This series is having a total of three seasons. So you will get to see the snowfall in the very first episode.

Weathering with you

It is not a series. It is a movie that is having a run time of almost 2 hours. In this movie, you will see fireworks but no emotional scenes. Seeing fireworks will give immense pleasure to the people. These two-character characters are watching the fireworks display, and there is no one around them.

So if you are also planning to arrange a get-together at your home, you should arrange these anime with you. Watching these anime with your friends will make your special day more memorable. Not only this will you find plenty of other series on the web. You can visit the website and read about the anime to decide whether you want to watch that or not. In the above list, the top 7 series are provided to you so that you need to search them on other websites.