Best Movies of 2021 to Watch

Otto Buchenvald  

If you are a movie buff, you must be familiar with this most common dilemma of which movie to watch from all the options. The technical advancements of the cinema and film industry have generated some of the great modern-day masterpieces. From sci-fi to romantic comedies, each genre sees elevated performance levels and great audience support.

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Some of the best performing and audience favourite movie picks of 2021 are shared here. These are some top-end performers of cinema in 2021.

  1. Free Guy 

This Ryan Reynolds starring movie is a perfect combination of science and comedy. This movie is about a character of a modern-day video game that works on Artificial Intelligence. While the original developers of this game struggle to fight for their technology claim against higher power authorities who look to demolish the entire game to make more profits, the main character “Free Guy” fights his own battle to save his world.

  1. F9 the Fast Sega

The ninth blockbuster from the fast and furious series is one of the best picks for 2021. Fast and furious series is running since 2001 and has been loved by all due to its consistency with sequels. This one is directed by Justin Lin and has Vin Diesel in the lead role. The story involves Dom and the fast family looking to catch an international terrorist who becomes Dom’s estranged brother. Again, action and entertainment are guaranteed with this modern-day thriller.

  1. The Kissing Booth 3

Those who have already seen the first two parts of Kissing Booth will surely find this third edition equally entertaining and romantic. This sequel is all set to be even more fun, dramatic and colourful than the original one. So for those looking for a movie for a night out with their girlfriend.

  1. Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

An action-packed adventure, a fight scene and along the comedy from Ryan Reynolds is set for your exploration. This movie is all set for your enjoyment with your family. This is the second edition of this series that is well known to deliver a top-notch experience to viewers.

  1. The Tomorrow War 

The Tomorrow War is among the top-grossing sci-fi movies of 2021. This movie stars Chris Pratt in the main role, which is assigned to save the future of mankind from an alien invasion.  He must overcome his fears and fight his own battle to save mankind. 

You can try these movies if you are looking for the best of the bunch options for your movie night. You can find more great movies to watch at soap2day.