Why Is A Mattress An Important Gift To Your Old Parent?

Generally, as we age up, it becomes harder for us to get into and out of the bed. Even more, it can be difficult to turn around at night. Due to this, a good mattress is one of the most precious gifts that we can reward our aging parents.

Important to remember is that our old parents have different needs from ours. Therefore, great care when buying the mattress is essential. In others words, a good mattress for them would be one that helps them sleep comfortably throughout the night.

In this article, we discuss the reasons why a mattress is the best gift for old people.


But before we look into that lets first look at some few things that you must know before buying the mattress;

  • The mattress needs to be medium-firm but well padded. A good mattress for the aged must be able to offer great support without compromising comfort. What this means is that you find a mattress on the firm side to offer a firm support required to align the spine correctly. Besides, it needs to be well padded to ensure the sleeping surface is comfortable.


  • An orthopedic mattress may not always make the right choice. Sometimes an orthopedic mattress can be too hard for older people since old people have sensitive joints, which may feel uncomfortable when the mattress is too hard.

With these tips, you are now set to buy your old dad or mom a good gift. Let us get into the real issue;

Restores comfortable night rests

Research shows that as age catches up, the body starts aching up.  However, gifting them a good mattress particularly a memory foam brand can bring a solution to this problem. Generally, body pain is caused by poor alignment of the spine.


A new mattress has high conformability, as a result, it will contours easily around the body so that no body part is left raised higher or taking the most pressure. Due to this conformability, it helps them sleep comfortably.

Good in temperature regulation

Old mattresses tend to overheat because the air spaces have compressed over time. Older people are very sensitive to temperature and overheating while sleeping is a major concern.  No matter what your mattress is made from, best mattress topper will help it serve longer.

For new mattresses, the airspaces are still in good shape this enhances airflow, in turn, this creates a cool sleep surface ideal for a restful night sleep. Therefore, presenting your old parent with a new mattress may allow them to sleep better once again.


Enhances health and safety

Old mattresses are havens for allergens, dust mites, molds and other harmful microbes that builds up over time. Such mattresses can be a serious threat to the health of old persons particularly those with respiratory and heart issues. Nowadays, most mattresses are hypoallergenic and therefore can give a relief to old persons sensitive to allergens.


Improves bed hygiene

Apparently, as people age up they tend to have bladder issues. In most cases, they wet their beds and this encourages multiplication of harmful bacteria. It also gives the mattress a stinky smell that is hard to remove.


Today, new mattresses are coming with a waterproof cover, which prevents penetration of any liquid smell. This is beneficial because it keeps their sleep environment hygienic.

Makes it easy to get up

Because of their age and medical condition, old people often have a problem getting out of bed. This is because old mattresses offer great resistance to their efforts of getting up.

However, a new mattress provides a good bounce and offer little resistance. This is beneficial because the old persons can only exert minimal force to get out of bed.


To this end, the benefits of gifting your aged parents a new mattress are outright. In recap, these benefits include; sleep cool, comfortable, and safe and ease of getting up.

The ball is in your court, if your parents are, old then you know a new mattress for them is the best thing you can do for them.