Ring in the New Year: 6 Gifts to Celebrate the New Year

Found yourself a little swamped during Christmastime to give gifts? The arrival of the New Year presents a unique opportunity for you to finish gift-giving. What are some gifts creative enough to give to your friends and loved ones, though?

A Few Trinkets and some DIYs

It’s time to get creative with a few of these gift ideas, starting with:

  • DIY Calendars. If the person you’re giving this gift to is a nature lover, then that’s already a few bonus points for you. You can use recycled material to create this gift. Everyday household items like boxes or coupons can also combine to create a great calendar.
  • Memory Jars. This creation utilizes any left-over Christmas trimmings as well as a jar you may have used for jam or some other product. The people who receive this jar can keep pictures of important days, letters, and things that they don’t want to lose over the year.
  • Sparkling Wine. When all else fails, bring out the sparkles. New Year’s Eve is always celebrated with a light buzz. Wine is also a staple of these celebrations, so bring out the wine!
  • Glittery sparkles. If wine is not to your flavor, you can go recycling again. Bring some new flair to old accessories like old Christmas decorations or candle holders with some glitters. The colors are up to you.
  • Cakes and pastries. These are more for a crowd than for a single person. If you’re visiting relatives or friends to celebrate the New Year, aside from wine, you can also gift them with cakes and pastries to share.
  • Who doesn’t like chocolates? It’s a great way of celebrating the sweetness of the incoming year, as well as giving a sweet gift everyone at the party is sure to love.

A Gift of Presence

Even greater than the gifts you’re bringing is your presence during the celebration of New Year’s Eve. With these gift ideas, however, the celebrations will liven up some more.