‘Twas the Night before Christmas: 6 Gift Ideas for the Heavy Sleeper

Nothing’s better than a relaxed and comfortable night’s sleep. The benefit of such rest doesn’t even need to be enumerated.

There are a lot of things you could probably do for yourself, but why not consider giving these gifts to a friend or a loved one who has trouble sleeping?

  • Aromatherapy Diffuser. Massage parlors are a great way to relax, and don’t be surprised to see one or two of these in the doorway or in a room. Give it as a gift to your sleep-deprived friend and watch the magic happen.
  • Cotton-based Bedding. Cotton is better if you have it as a bed sheet. Couple this with the diffuser, and it would be difficult to stay awake in that room rather than the other way around.
  • It’s a good idea to replace your pillows every once in a while. Essentially, pillows should be replaced every six months. If you know a friend or a loved one in dire need of a pillow upgrade, then gift them with one.
  • PJ’s. This one’s for the older people in your life. If you see them starting to get irritated over lack of sleep, giving them a new pair of pajamas to sleep in should help solve that. Cotton ones are a great idea.
  • Herbal Tea. Did anyone say chamomile? Tea is best enjoyed during the afternoon, but chamomile is especially helpful during the night. Herbal tea helps the body relax en route to an undisturbed, peaceful night’s sleep.
  • A New Bed and Mattress. Just as you change your pillows every month, when you see one of your friends or loved ones irritated over sleep, they might just be in need of a new mattress and bed combo. It’s a great gift if you can afford it.

Giving someone gifts to help them sleep shows a great deal of care in their well-being. Christmas is a time for giving, so why not show that you’re also caring by giving any of these gift ideas?