Legalities: On which land you can park your tiny house

It is no secret that the use of tiny homes in lieu of expensive and unnecessarily large homes has become a growing trend across the United States and throughout the world. Different zoning laws make it challenging for the average American to find a place to put their tiny house though, especially given the fact that guidelines impact the dimensional requirements for different types of buildings. So where can you put your tiny home? How do you put it anywhere and still comply with the different zoning laws?

Consider living in the house recreationally

There are certain cities that allow individuals to live inside a tiny house temporarily but not on a permanent basis. Therefore, you can benefit greatly from using a tiny house as a dictation property especially if you put it somewhere that you love to visit. You can rent it out as an accessory dwelling unit to earn extra income when you are not technically living in it. One nice aspect to this is that theoretically you can build a tiny house on your property or the property of a family member or friend. It can at that point constitute an accessory dwelling unit according to the government. You can live in its temporarily and rented out the rest of the time through home sharing websites or vacation sharing websites. This not only helps you earn money to compensate for the cost of constructing the tiny house but it also gives you an opportunity to put the property on wheels if necessary and take it on vacation.

Try land sharing

If you want to build your home on wheels instead of a permanent foundation you can search out what are referred to as “temporary urbanism” property. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development has allocated certain abandoned sites to different land sharing organizations. City-owned land can, for example, the least to a neighborhood farming guilt and send it neighborhood farming Guild might sublease smaller plots to different individuals who want to part a tiny house on the area. If you utilize land sharing regions understand that the purpose is to move your home there for just a few years but be prepared to move it once the government starts developing that property.

Find a tiny house community

If you want to build your tiny house without the pressure of multiple zoning laws, find an area where tiny houses are already guaranteed. There are multiple communities that exist around the country full of people who have built and lived in their tiny houses together. You can look specifically for a community of tiny homeowners and you will fit right in, for instance of owners of tiny houses for sale in california.

Find a city in favor of tiny houses

There are different parts of the country where zoning laws allow tiny houses. It used to be the case that zoning laws preventing you from building them on foundations but many cities are now changing their tack. Certain cities permit tiny houses like Richmond Maine, Ashland Oregon, Canyon County Idaho and more. There are certain cities that have no zoning laws so tiny home dwellers fit right in. You can find a list of tiny home friendly locations online to see if there is a place that you might want to dwell.


If you are facing strict zoning laws you can opt for a house that is slightly larger than the traditional tiny house. Some very old homes in places like New England measure below the current zoning minimums so you can utilize a small house that isn’t technically a tiny home but can be converted to fulfill the same purposes.