Ring in the New Year: 6 Gifts to Celebrate the New Year

Found yourself a little swamped during Christmastime to give gifts? The arrival of the New Year presents a unique opportunity for you to finish gift-giving. What are some gifts creative enough to give to your friends and loved ones, though?

A Few Trinkets and some DIYs

It’s time to get creative with a few of these gift ideas, starting with:

  • DIY Calendars. If the person you’re giving this gift to is a nature lover, then that’s already a few bonus points for you. You can use recycled material to create this gift. Everyday household items like boxes or coupons can also combine to create a great calendar.
  • Memory Jars. This creation utilizes any left-over Christmas trimmings as well as a jar you may have used for jam or some other product. The people who receive this jar can keep pictures of important days, letters, and things that they don’t want to lose over the year.
  • Sparkling Wine. When all else fails, bring out the sparkles. New Year’s Eve is always celebrated with a light buzz. Wine is also a staple of these celebrations, so bring out the wine!
  • Glittery sparkles. If wine is not to your flavor, you can go recycling again. Bring some new flair to old accessories like old Christmas decorations or candle holders with some glitters. The colors are up to you.
  • Cakes and pastries. These are more for a crowd than for a single person. If you’re visiting relatives or friends to celebrate the New Year, aside from wine, you can also gift them with cakes and pastries to share.
  • Who doesn’t like chocolates? It’s a great way of celebrating the sweetness of the incoming year, as well as giving a sweet gift everyone at the party is sure to love.

A Gift of Presence

Even greater than the gifts you’re bringing is your presence during the celebration of New Year’s Eve. With these gift ideas, however, the celebrations will liven up some more.

Small House Preparation: Getting Tiny for the New Year

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in a tiny house? The past year has been quite an eye-opener for people who have wanted to seriously live in a house tiny enough to be on wheels.

However, when the winter months come, along with the changing of the year, you should also have a few changes ready in your tiny house:

How’s your insulation?

Just as in normal houses, insulation helps you ride out the winter and keep yourself warm during cold days. It’s easier to check your tiny house for insulation, but always make sure you’ve done all the checking and any replacements well before the winter months start.

Skirt your trailer

While some may think it’s literally placing a skirt on your trailer, skirting it means you place insulating material under it. Canvas, concrete panels, rigid foam, and straw bales are just some of the materials you can use to stop the cold weather from affecting your trailer.

Secure the Kitchen

When you’re downsizing the kitchen, you’re going to take away excess materials in it. Learn to keep at least a good heater to keep water from turning into ice cubes—unless you’d rather drink cold drinks during the cold weather.

Secure the lines

The same also goes for the lines. More often than not, you’re using a propane tank for your tiny house. If those lines freeze, you’re going to survive on take out and stale food. If you want warm food for the winter, be proactive in securing those lines.

Fewer rooms, less stress

With all the insulations you’re going to be doing, you will be thankful that you’re living in a tiny house. Reduce rooms to a minimum so that you can focus on fully making your tiny house on wheels warm during the winter.

Living in a tiny house during the winter isn’t any different from living in a bigger house. Tiny houses only become cooler faster than homes with heaters, so be sure to make it winter-proof!

‘Twas the Night before Christmas: 6 Gift Ideas for the Heavy Sleeper

Nothing’s better than a relaxed and comfortable night’s sleep. The benefit of such rest doesn’t even need to be enumerated.

There are a lot of things you could probably do for yourself, but why not consider giving these gifts to a friend or a loved one who has trouble sleeping?

  • Aromatherapy Diffuser. Massage parlors are a great way to relax, and don’t be surprised to see one or two of these in the doorway or in a room. Give it as a gift to your sleep-deprived friend and watch the magic happen.
  • Cotton-based Bedding. Cotton is better if you have it as a bed sheet. Couple this with the diffuser, and it would be difficult to stay awake in that room rather than the other way around.
  • It’s a good idea to replace your pillows every once in a while. Essentially, pillows should be replaced every six months. If you know a friend or a loved one in dire need of a pillow upgrade, then gift them with one.
  • PJ’s. This one’s for the older people in your life. If you see them starting to get irritated over lack of sleep, giving them a new pair of pajamas to sleep in should help solve that. Cotton ones are a great idea.
  • Herbal Tea. Did anyone say chamomile? Tea is best enjoyed during the afternoon, but chamomile is especially helpful during the night. Herbal tea helps the body relax en route to an undisturbed, peaceful night’s sleep.
  • A New Bed and Mattress. Just as you change your pillows every month, when you see one of your friends or loved ones irritated over sleep, they might just be in need of a new mattress and bed combo. It’s a great gift if you can afford it.

Giving someone gifts to help them sleep shows a great deal of care in their well-being. Christmas is a time for giving, so why not show that you’re also caring by giving any of these gift ideas?